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Das Komplex
Nowadays (vinyl) (2014)

One modest man known as Das Komplex has been steadily producing music for almost a decade now in his quiet hometown of Koszalin in Western Pomerania region of Poland. It could have stayed like this if not for Maciek Sienkiewicz (veteran DJ and promoter, one of the pioneers of Polish electronic music scene), who picked some tunes for his new label FASRAT. As the artist himself prefers to stay out of the spotlight, let the music speak for itself: from sun-drenched, guitar-driven "Like A Fish" (remixes coming from some key players in modern disco/Balearic scene), through futuristic disco of "Narkoleptyczni Troche" and hazy deepness of "Nowadays", towards epic, over 13 minutes long, jazzy, dreamy, but no less energetic "Siren". Elegant, original, infectious grooves for club play and home listening alike. Limited edition with cover art by acclaimed contemporary painter Aleksandra Waliszewska.